Legislative Issues and Public Affairs

The Links, Incorporated’s takes a two-pronged approach toward civic engagement, addressing societal inequities from the inside out and the outside in. Through a programmatic agenda centered on our five program facets, we work directly with members of the black community who are most in need. Through an advocacy agenda, we use our collective voices on federal, state, and local levels to push to the forefront legislative and public policy issues critical for improving the quality of life in our communities.

In partnership with policymakers, other civic organizations, and socially conscious individuals, we address public health, economic sustainability, civil and social justice, and education issues that are hindering the progress of people of African descent. Together we impact the global black community with purpose, commitment, and results to create sustained positive change.

2018-2020 Advocacy Agenda
Public Policy Issues

Civil and Voting Rights

  • Maintain voter protections and expand access to the polls for eligible voters

  • Increasing voter participation and engagement

  • Ensure an accurate and fair 2020 census

  • Advocate for fair representation (redistricting)

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

  • Reduce racial and socioeconomic disparities in criminal justice system

  • Reforms to include mandatory minimum sentencing, equitable access to diversion and treatment programs, community crime prevention

  • Reduce gun violence

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Our Legislative and Public Affairs priorities will be considered through a lens of diversity and inclusion, with a priority focus on women and girls. People of color, women, and girls are disproportionately impacted by most policies. The Links, Incorporated is uniquely positioned to leverage our collective strength, resources and energy to ensure any policy being considered is reflective of our membership and the broader multicultural community.

Economic Sustainability

  • Jobs and business ownership

  • Wealth creation and financial literacy

  • Paid sick and maternity leave

  • Pay equity


  • Medicaid expansion and protect pre-existing conditions

  • Access to quality and affordable healthcare

  • Reduce infant mortality, maternal mortalities, and associated health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities

  • Environmental justice (clean air, water, housing)

Human Trafficking

  • Increase awareness and provide resources and information regarding issues pertaining to human and sex trafficking

  • Motivate and equip our chapters with the necessary tools needed to engage in advocacy at all levels of government

Provide suggestions for ongoing programming / initiatives
Host webinars and other informational series designed with a “Call to Action” in mind
Recommend community partners to expand our reach and impact